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مسعود حسین زاده اصل Dr. Masoud Hosseinzadeh Asl
Assistant Professor,
Tabriz University,
Civil Engineering Department,
AISC Member,
Email: hoseinzadeh.m@tabrizu.ac.ir
Website: http://asatid.tabrizu.ac.ir/en/pages/default.aspx?hoseinzadeh.m

Educational Background
B.S., Tabriz University 2003
M.S., Sharif University of Technology- Structural Engineering 2005
Ph.D., Sharif University of Technology- Structural Engineering 2011
Design of Steel Structures
Design of Concrete Structures
Structural Loading
Structural Analyses
Strength of Materials
Research Interests
Inelastic analysis of structures,
Seismic behavior of steel connections,
Finite element modeling.
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Kazemi, M.T., and Hoseinzadeh Asl, M. “Modelling of Inelastic Mixed Hinge and its Application in Analysis of the Frames with Reduced Beam Section”, International Journal of Steel Structures (2011), Vol. 11(1), pp 51-63
Kazemi, M.T., Hoseinzadeh, M., Bakhshi, A., and Rahimzadeh Rofooei, F. "Shaking Table Study of a Full- Scale Single storey Confined Brick Masonry", Sientia Iranica, 2010, Vol 17(3), pp 184-193
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Honarbakhsh, T., Kazemi, M.T., Hoseinzadeh, M., ”Seismic Rehabilitation of Masonry School Buildings Using a Single Layer of Reinforced Shotcrete", First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Geneva, Switzerland, 3-8 September 2006
Kazemi, M.T., and Hoseinzadeh Asl, M. “Analytical Study of the Frames with Reduced Beam Section using Inelastic Mixed Hinge Element”, Proceedings, 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Ohrid: Macedonia,2010, paper No. 1369
Kazemi, M.T., Erfani, S., and Hoseinzadeh Asl, M. “VM, shear-flexural, link element for seismic analysis of steel frames” Proc. U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop on Improving Earthquake Mitigation through Innovations and Applications in Seismic Science, Engineering, Communication, and response, PEER Report, 2009/02, pp. 229-238